10 WTF Shots and Cocktails

| by Natasha Shine

Everyone needs a good cocktail now and then! Tasty new drinks are created every day using the craziest ingredients! Some people take their taste buds to a whole new level when making refreshing alcohol drinks. We found 10 Shots and Cocktails that will leave you thinking WTF?! Enjoy!


To begin our list we have a Flaming Noel! This shot is made with Grenadine, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Green Creme de Menthe and 151-Proof Rum…and topped off with a burning flame! Don’t try this at home, it is a never good idea to play with fire!


Next up we have a very interesting combination of ingredients that compose this Bacon and Rum Milkshake! To create this interesting concoction make sure to use plenty of Captain Morgan's, maple syrup and of course some crispy bacon!


Here we have somewhat of a disturbing cocktail, the Brain Hemorrhage! This cocktail includes Peach Schnapps, a splash of Irish Cream, and finally a dash of Grenadine! If you're not to grossed out by the look of this drink, go ahead and taste it, but at your own risk!


The thought of this WTF Cocktail is just gross. The Louisiana Shooter includes raw oysters, tequila, horseradish and last but not least....a splash of hot sauce! Good luck getting this shot down!


Next on our list is a Ham and Cheese Cocktail. This obscure drink is a mixture of ham, Cognac, honey, cinnamon, lime juice and finally some cheese to top it off! Go ahead and see if you like this crazy drink!


Who would have thought to take an old Irish favorite recipe and turn it into one crazy alcohol concoction? The Corned Beef Collins proves that anything is possible with a little imagination! All you need is corned beef, a fair amount of whiskey and some cabbage water to create this WTF Cocktail!


Bacon makes our list here for the second time, this time in the form of a Bacon Shot! WTF kind of shot is this? We may just see this bacon infused vodka become a hot trend!


The Spicy Meatball! This crazy cocktail lives up to its name! The combination of sausage infused vodka, Sweet Vermouth, Amaretto and Amaro will test your drinking abilities!


Its a Pickle Martini!! This combination of alcohol and one of our favorite salty snacks is sure to leave an interesting taste in your mouth!


For all of you beet lovers, we have a drink for you! Our last WTF cocktail is an interesting combination of beets and Bourbon. Although this may not appeal to everyone's taste buds....it's a worth a try!

Cocktails these days are using everything, from bacon to pickles! Try to make one of these yourself and remember to always drink responsibly! Like what you see? Have any comments? Let us know!


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