The 25 Worst Cases of Duckface

| by Aleya

As internet scientists, it is our duty to document the worst recorded cases of the sweeping epidemic, DuckFace. DuckFace afflicts mainly females and presents its symptoms facially. It can also be accompanied by a very characteristic arching of the back and placement of the arm on the hip or lower back to help accentuate other features of the body. Here are some of the more serious cases:

  1. Duck Face

  2. Duck Face

  3. Duck Face

  4. Duck Face

  5. Duck Face

  6. Duck Face

  7. Duck Face

  8. Duck Face

  9. Duck Face

  10. Duck Face

  11. Duck Face

  12. Duck Face

  13. Duck Face

  14. Duck Face

  15. Duck Face

  16. Duck Face

  17. Duck Face

  18. Duck Face

  19. Duck Face

  20. Duck Face

  21. Duck Face

  22. Duck Face

  23. Duck Face

  24. Duck Face

  25. Duck Face

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  • It gives them the appearance of a lack of intelligence. Oh wait… They’ve seen the pics before they posted them, and yet still posted the pic, so all in all, it is proof they lack intelligence.

  • I fapped to the fat duck in #5

  • I hope they know how ridiculous and unattractive they look. Most of them look pure fake anyways.

    At least we know the duck population will never die.

  • it’s sad when the same girl is on here… twice.

  • Wow this is really disgusting. They should be beaten with a crowbar.

  • Can someone,anyone and I mean anyone; explain this duckface appeal by girls and what now appears to be some males?

    I’ve seen it on several sites over the last few years and just never saw an ounce of sexiness whenever a girl flashes the expression.

  • Bisoune Pitoune

    #15 looks like there cheekbones implants are too low and are reversed… Orange face seems to be another characteristic of Duck Face.

  • I’m a teemager,and a female,at that,but i would never make that face and dare post it on facebook or something. it truly just makes you look like an idiot,and it’s not attractive…at all.i don’t understand how these people can get all these comments about how “sexy” they look.they truthfully do put the name in good shape.

  • From what I understand of the psychology behind it the “duckface” is that it is an attempt from the female to further provoke urge from the male to hatefuck the shit out of them.

  • Hahaha the Pic nr 5 is a girl namned Cissi, shes from sweden, and she is a total tard. p.s she is a blogger, and became famous because of that and changed her face and all BIG FAIL!!! HAHAHAH!

  • I Know Why Most Girls Do It- (Why I DO It Myself)

    I Hate My Smile. And I Look Stupid With Just A Straight Face.

    Might As Well Do Something.

  • I think that some people look okay doing it. but others, just don’t have the face and lips to do that and look good . just my opinion tho

  • bijou ayme an,de farane ok

  • Notice how the vast majority are taking their own picture… does duckface go hand in hand with lack of friends willing to snap your photo?

  • It’s not hard to figure out why guys think it’s hot. Guys don’t think it’s hot, we just know that a hot girl posting a pic like that is dumb enough to fuck without making us work at all. So you get a hot girl to bang, who may be stupid as hell, but all you’re planning on doing is banging her anyways so fuggit.

    It’s their own fault – Go to f’ing school and learn something if you want respect, just like everyone else.

  • Haaaa! Better a duckface than a fuckface. You’re hilarious dude!!

  • did anyone noticed they all look burnt and orange? lol

  • The chick on the left in number five looks like her lips are upside down.

  • #15 the girl in the middle not bad.#2 how fitting she’s #2!

  • Duck face? They all look like toilet plungers! If they sound as stupid as they look I bet you could lick their lips and stick them to the wall!

  • All I see right now is a bunch of cyber bullies who have nothing better going on in their lives other than to create this website and talk shit about people they don’t even know. Who cares? Get a real hobby/job and get out into to the real world. You are all just as pathetic as you say the people in these photos are. And now I’ve lowered intelligence by “socializing” with you people.

    If you need to talk shit about someone else to make yourself more elite and/ or feel better, then there is something much bigger at play. Take some time to think about yourselves.

  • but shen Asian girls do duckface, it appears well and cute :/

  • a lot of these girls would be pretty if they just wouldn’t do that stupid face. someone tell them to use their normal face! it’s fine the way it is!

  • I think #2 is gorgeous, I would date her for sure. You all are just plain mean.

  • I love how 7&8 are the same people. Duckface is ugly looking, retarded, and anyone who says otherwise is ugly and retarded as well.

  • you think that’s bad… look at this shit:

  • – industry guys makin’ fun of the duckface. FUNNY!

  • You guys are so narrow-minded, judgmental and rude :(…

    You guys are judging these people stating that they are unintelligent because they took a goofy picture that doesn’t fit towards your liking. Nobody wants to read your rude bullshit, if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all… It pains me to see so many unintelligent comments on these photos, trying to tell everyone that these people are unintelligent and ugly. Being ugly is okay, it shouldn’t be an insult. People were born that way they cant change that…

    Look at yourselves, bagging on people whom you have never met in your life, because your so insecure.

    Please keep it to yourself.

  • Definitely agree with Harry. And what’s with these chicks making the stupid faces AND flashing these faux gang signs? Makes them appear even more retarded. “Yeah, I’m hip and bad and…..stupid”.

  • Captain Controversy

    duck face = the fall of civilization as we know it… its bad enough these girls do this “oh look, im a retard” pose, but guys doing it? really?? heres an idea, they want there mouths too look like they gone through a spaghetti machine?? attach fishing lines to there mouths, attach the other end to a sports car and put pedal too the metal… problem solved.. for them anyway…

  • 21 actually isn’t that bad..?

  • @Keith

    Oh yes because Peace Signs are just sooo gangster -.-

  • Picture 2’s duckface is pretty . but the last girl one hers is a MESS like everybody esles and two … wtf is up with her nails!!

  • Jizzelle Mharie Elsaltoe

    1. cry
    3.halarious looks like a gil i know @ school
    4.amy whinehouse? not surprising
    5. they look like dogs out of a opened window in a car more than a damn duck.
    6.looks like one of those body builder hookers
    7. meh
    8.the asian looks funny, the white chick looks high
    9.rofl, did he piss his pants? -_- pathetic
    10. chick with the zebra shirt looks “mysterious” thats it. the rest looks like wtf.
    11.fake. hes been like that since birth
    15.housewives of BH?
    16.that bitches eyeball on the left is scary.
    18.italian high trying to look cute
    21. overkill
    22. i smell like shit i think i banged my head
    23. rofl : looks like my brothers gf i fuccin hate dhat bitch
    24. dugggh -_-
    25 whoop whoop ima drunkin lesbian

  • The funny thing is you prob would bang 90% of these girls if u seen them in person not doing the duck face…..People r so quick to judge

  • The lips in 5 look upside down. :/

  • #5 looks like they’re having an allergic reaction to a new lipstick or something!

  • I hate duck faces. When I see a girl on my Facebook news feed change their profile picture, I feel like I need to log off of Facebook and run up to my bed, and hide under the pillow because Im afraid of ducks!!!

  • Not an attractive look, wanna run my fingers across their lips brrrrrrrrrr

  • Bang BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BAAAAAANG KABOOOM!!! my job is done (⌐■_■)

  • lol i love how they’re all numbered number 1.


  • fake tans, fake eyelashes, too much make up, ugly caked on lipstick, with ugly, un-cute poses. just stop it.

  • Girlfriend says it looks lik Trout mouth compared to duck face.
    he daughter does that ugly crap all the time.

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