7 Reasons We’re Happy To No Longer Be In School – As Illustrated By The Simpsons

| by Natasha Shine

The days of final exams, endless homework, and mind-numbing classes are behind us (well at for least some of us). We are glad we attended school, but boy are we glad to be done with it. Even though we will always remember those nostalgic days of “being educated”, here are a few reason why we are truly happy to no longer be in school.

1. Tests

Sure, knowing information is important. But that doesn’t mean we enjoyed being tested on our retention of it. Above all,there was the constant dread of bad grades or pop quizzes. We much prefer the challenges in a work environment than those presented in a school exam.



In Bart Gets an F, Bart procrastinates studying for his exam and thereby, as the title suggests, gets an F. He later proves that he studied for the test and his grade is changed from an F to a D minus, thus allowing him to pass the class. The episode was meant to be the third of the season, but it was aired as the premiere due to the popularity of Bart’s character.


2. Bad Teachers

The worst part about being tested all the time is realizing that you were never appropriately taught the material in the first place. Our all time favorite mid-test comment is “We never learned this!”. And so, we are glad to no longer have to sit through mind-numbing hours of bad teachers rambling.


In the episode ‘Round Springfield, Springfield Elementary hires Willie to teach French as a result of severe school budget cuts. The phrase “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” was popularized and has since entered two Oxford quotation dictionaries.


3. Nerds

Every class has its suck-up; a student who constantly makes the rest of the class look bad. We all hated him, while secretly admiring him. Overachievers still exist in adult life, but they tend to be less annoying and act as career inspiration.


In Saturdays of Thunder, the class nerd Martin builds a soapbox racer called The Honor Roller. After getting injured, Martin teams up with Bart to defeat Nelson in the final race. Lesson learned: if the class nerd gets injured, team up with him and get credit for his countless hours of effort.


4. Bullies

Worse than the nerds were the bullies. They seemed to exist to make our lives a living hell. And we couldn’t do anything about it, lest we be relegated to the arena of the nerds. We take solace in the fact that most of the bullies that would once offer us a “knuckle sandwich” now actually make sandwiches for a living.


In 22 Short Films About Springfield, Nelson laughs at a tall man in a small car but finally gets what he deserves when he is humiliated by the man. Fun trivia fact: The tall man was a caricature of Ian Maxtone-Graham, an American television writer and producer who writes for The Simpsons.


5. Math

Let’s face it – Nothing we learn in math class is applicable to our adult lives. And yet, we are bombarded with triangles and fractions when all we really need are basic math skills. Remember when teachers would say “In real life you won’t always have a calculator!”. Well, sorry to disappoint you teachers, but it’s called a cellphone!


Treehouse of Horror IV is the first and only Simpsons episode to take place in 3D. Several math equations were inserted into the background, one of the equations that appears is 178212 + 184112 = 192212. Although a false statement, it appears to be true when evaluated on a typical calculator with 10 digits of precision. If it were true, it would disprove Fermat’s last theorem, which had just been proven when this episode first aired.


6. Detention

We’ve all had at least one smart-alecky comment that has gotten us detention. Whether we were punished through line writing or by simply being forced to sit quietly, it was always a waste of time.


After 23 seasons, the chalkboard gag is still running strong. Even the feature film had a chalkboard gag. Appropriately enough, it was “I will not illegally download this movie.”


7. School Lunch

Once you’re out of school, you’ll never have to eat mystery meat again. Nuff said.


Lunchlady Doris was voiced by Doris Grau. After her death in 1995, the character was retired and seen mostly as background filler. She returned in the 18th season episode The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer and was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Obviously, being a working adult isn’t all fun and games. You still need to wake up early, you have assignment to complete, and you still have to work hard. Nevertheless, there just some things in school we are glad are behind us and we will never miss. Any other reasons why you’re happy you’re not in school? Or perhaps reasons why you’re sad that your schooldays over? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!


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