Adobe MAX 2011

| by Natasha Shine

This year, the Adobe MAX Conference was held in Los Angeles, October 1-5. We were able to send two of our own there, Gadi and Eli, in order to learn as much as they could and bring it all back to us. Keep reading to see what they had to say about it.

Before the Conference

Before going to the conference, we attended a session with Lee Breemlow, a game evangelist from Adobe. It was quite an amazing experience. Everyone had built cool things, mostly using the new features with the Flash player. The most amazing part of the session was building the “Angry Birds” game in only a half an hour.

Day One


  • The first major announcement was about Adobe’s Creative Cloud, an amazing innovation that essentially redefines the content creation process. Content creators and publishers will be able to access creative services and assets from both Desktop and Tablet applications. Every MAX attendee will receive a 1 year membership to Creative Cloud when the service becomes available, which is set for the first half of 2012.
  • The next major announcement was Adobe Touch Apps, a new family of 6 creative products designed specifically for iPad and Android tablets that enables the creativity level offered by Adobe’s Desktop application for Tablet users. The Adobe Touch Apps redefine creative software, incorporating unique touch and multi-touch functionality designed to further free users from their desktops and laptops.
  • Adobe also announced Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition which allows for small businesses and studios to create, publish, and monetize their content on the iPad.
  • Adobe has also acquired Typekit. Typekit is a subscription-based service that gives users access to high quality fonts to use for their websites, allowing the company to further expand on innovative possibilities in website design.


  • One of the most enriching sessions we attended was with Fabio Sonatti. It focused on optimizing encoding for videos. This session emphasized VOD and live publishing content for multiple users with an emphasis on the open source tool FFMPEG. The tool enables users to do realtime and offline encoding with optimization in multiple bitrates and multiple codes, required in today’s market.
  • I also had a session discussing the new FMS4.5 abilities in HTTP streaming which allows seamless live broadcasting content to desktops, tablets (iPad and Android) and mobile without additional deployment required.


  • We’re currently in the race to develop our application for the tablet and it’s proving to be quite fun. Eli and I went into Office Dept and started installing stuff on their tablets just to make sure that it met our needs before purchasing them. New applications were developed, wireless networks were hacked, it was truly Mission Impossible 4.
  • On another note, a different kind of race started today; that to get the top score in the basketball game located in the conference center!

Day Two


  • Adobe has entered into agreement to acquire PhoneGap, which allows developers to build applications using web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery) and deploy it on multiple mobile devices.
  • They announced the newest version of Edge, a very creative and interactive design tool for creating animated HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript web content.
  • Adobe has introduced new contributions to HTML with W3C: CSS Regions and CSS Shaders. CSS Regions allows designers to build complex magazine-like layouts that go beyond the possibility of existing CSS modules. CSS Shaders is bringing cinematic effects that are rich in color, precise in definition and easily animated to the web.
  • There have also been some amazing graphics enhancements, namely Stage 3D API. In a word, incredible. Although I knew it before, this session proved confirmed my suspicions: the future of Flash is in games. There are already number of amazing tools to easily build complex Flash games, and there will be many more. You will see more and more cool games built with Flash on Mobile too. Stage 3D is a new method and model of 2D and 3D rendering with various capabilities across platforms and devices.
  • Lastly, Adobe announced the official release of AIR 3 and Flash Player 11.


  • I had a good session about live deployment and on demand streaming using FMS4 images on Amazon Web Services’ EC2 and CloudFront, introduced by Tal Saraf, GM of Amazon CloudFront and Route 53.
  • In addition, there was also a good session regarding aspect oriented programming in flex. Sometimes this session seemed quite long and was too detailed for my taste, but it was still useful and informative.
  • My favorite part of the day, Sneak Peaks!! This was SO COOL !!! Adobe developers gave us a sneak peak into their projects that could be part of future products. My favorites are the Flex reverse debugging and Image deblurring. It was really awesome to see some potential Adobe products in progress.


  • We were able to meet Florian Pestoni. Florian is a Principal Product Manager responsible for a number of solutions and products at Adobe, notably, Video and the Digital Home.
  • The tablet we bought (Toshiba Thrive 16G) didn’t work so well because of network problems at the Pavilion so we were only able to give a web demonstration. I also presented on our current echo cancellation challenge which included some optional solutions that would require Adobe in order to overcome them.
  • There was also a huge party that took place outside the conference center with a lot of drinks, food and music. We survived about an hour before the Weezer show started, then we just had to go to bed, dang jet lag!

Day Three


  • The morning session was the coolest ever :) We immediately dove into RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol) and optimization for group multicast and p2p strategies, led by Michael Thornburgh, the co-creator of RTMFP. It was really interesting and we learned a lot.
  • We also got to check out the new experimental multithreading implementation on the Flash Player that improves the client experience when heavy processes runs. Overall, a very useful last day of the conference.


  • The race is over, your loyal servant made the highest score in the basketball machine, oh yeah!
  • Got me some groupies on the way, including Florian (see day 2) who announced that echo cancellation will now surely have a higher priority since I’m a celebrity now!

Well, the conference has ended. It was a lot of fun, filled with a lot of learning. It was certainly a good vacation from the standard day to day work and we were happy to represent Rounds.

Special thanks to

  • Rounds – for the trip and allowing us to represent the company
  • Natasha – for being Natasha
  • Octopus – for such good Japanese food
  • Lior – for keeping our seats in all general sessions
  • God/Shiva/Muhammad/Jesus – for not losing my pants in Vegas


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