8 Creative Alcohol Advertisements and Commercials

| by Natasha Shine

Alcohol brands have some of the best and most clever advertising campaigns. Sometimes they are so funny or amusing that you’ll feel like having a drink right then and there, even though you know you don’t even like that particular liquor. (Absolut vodka ads, for example, make me want to sip a nice, cool glass of straight vodka – even though the taste of vodka actually makes me gag.)

Check out these creative commercials and ads. And then make sure you have a ride home!

#1: Sigh.

goldstar beer flowchart

#2: Thank God you’re a woman.


#3: Good things come to those who wait…

This one really rings true. How many times have I waited for the foam to settle?


#4: Perfect to accompany rabbit

corkscrew in shape of rabbit

#5: I’ll have what he’s having


#6: Weird yet…quite appealing


#7: What did one boob say to the other? I’m drunk.


#8: Beer goggles

See any other great alcohol commercials? Link to them in your comments below!


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