Awesome Turkey Cakes That Are Gobble-Gobblicious

| by Natasha Shine

We don’t know why, but it seems pie has had a stronghold on Thanksgiving since back in the Pilgrim days. Pie is good and all, but nothing beats a good cake. Pie lacks that sugary-gooey frosting mound which is a Thanksgiving necessity, as every turkey-eater could use that little sugar-high to counteract that tryptophan sleepiness.

Have no fear, cake-lovers–we’re bringing cake back to Thanksgiving…turkey style!

Huggable Turkey Cakes

This cake is so freakin’ adorable. I can’t decide if I want to hug it, or pop off that little eyeball and eat it

This precious little turkey gives me little heart pangs at the thought of actually eating Thanksgiving’s main course. Look how fancy he is, with his mini bow tie!

Just look at this plump little bugger. I truly enjoy his tiny Pilgrim hat.

The Cutest Turkey Cupcakes You’ve Ever Seen

For an animal that is pretty darn ugly in actuality, the turkeys on these cupcakes are almost too cute.

The Realistic Turkey Cake

This turkey looks absolutely delicious. Until you find out it is cake. And then it is kind of repulsive, but also pretty amazing.

Wow. That is one shiny turkey made of ice cream. Bet you never thought you would hear that sentence.

Turkey Dinner Cupcakes

The cupcakes on the right are so realistic it’s unreal. I would be hesitant to bite into that mashed potatoe-cake for fear of getting a mouthful of frosting and gravy.

The Do It Yourself Cake

All you need are some M&M’s and an imagination!

Thanksgiving Table Cupcakes

These cupcakes make me want to find my old Barbies and play “Thanksgiving Dinner”

Innovative Turkey Cakes

Those tail feathers are made from cookies on sticks. How ridiculously awesome is that?

Ok, so technically these are cake balls. Also, on a stick. Love ’em!

It takes some kind of cake genius to think of dipping Vienna Fingers in orange-dyed white chocolate in order to create the perfect plume

Have you had a Gobble-Gobblicious turkey cake at your Thanksgiving dinner? Comment!


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