Horrendously Ugly Christmas Sweaters

| by Natasha Shine

Giving and receiving Christmas sweaters around the holidays is a time-honored tradition. These sweaters have always been notoriously ugly, but lately the crop has been especially bad. Check out this year’s Horrendously Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Despite the dancing hands, Obama does not look too pleased to be outlined in beads donning a tinie-tiny Santa hat.

This is obviously the end result of a Kindergarten class art project.

I don’t care what time of year it is, there is never an appropriate occasion to wear a sweater with a stuffed animal glued to the front of it to work.

Aside from the baubles and the lights that are mysteriously stuck to this poor bear’s face, what in the world does this have to do with Christmas?

DIY: Decapitate your favorite stuffed animal. Cut off each limb, one by one. Then glue head and limbs to a red sweater, decorate with jingle bells, and…VOILA! You’ve made your own ugly Christmas sweater.

Important note: wearing a hula hoop inside your sweater does not make you cool.

Since when do Christmas trees have pony tails?

If you have received a Christmas sweater that just is not ugly enough, have no fear…just run tinsel down the arms! Super ugly, minimal effort.

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Have any ugly Christmas sweaters to add to the list?


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