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| by Natasha Shine

So you’ve checked out our new facebook application Video Chat Rounds and now you wanna learn about our points system, huh? Well you’ve come to the right place. As you may have noticed, some of our features are open to all, while others you need to purchase with your coins. The Rounds points system is pretty simple: for doing certain actions, you get points.

facebook rounds coins

How do I get coins?

To get coins just do one of the following things:

1. Register = 100 coins
2. Take a snapshot and publish it = 20 coins (per publish)
3. Share your unique Round link = 10 coins (per share)
4. Bring your friends = 5 coins (per each invite)

What can I buy with my coins?



The Singer Free
Cowboy Hero Free
Robin Mask Free
Beer Drink Free
Bad Reception Free
Trio Band 10
Darth Rader 10
Fortune Cookie 10
You’re a Saint! 10
Thought Bubble 10
Stay Away! 10
Moon Shuttle 10
Batman Mask 10
Super Mask 10
Wonder Mask 10
Bruce’s Wisdom 15
Disco Time! 15



Fire Free
Water Free
Rainbow Free
Swarm Free
Ghost Free
Sepia 5
Dent 5
Mirror Left 5
X-Ray 5
Divide 5
Bulge 5
Fragment 5
Fishbowl 5
Squeeze 5
Steam 5
Snow 10
Film Strip 10
Halftone 10
Ascii 10
Warhol 10



Street Graffiti Free
The Old City Free
Let’s Go to the Beach Free
Up in the Clouds Free
The Toolshed Free
Fields of Gold 5
Desert Breath 5
Big City Lights 5
Round Lights 5
The Tunnel 5
The White Room 5
The Wall 5
Time Machine 5
Show Must Go On 5
In the Water 10
Colorful Umbrellas 10



Infected Qwertys Free
Backgammon Free
Checkers 15
Chess 15
Qwerty Invaders 30
Truth or Dare 30



YouTube Free
Facebook Free
Google Maps 15
Text Editor 15
Flickr 30


How do I purchase things using my coins?

When you are in the video chat environment you can enter into the interactive menu (by putting your mouse over the right hand side of the video chat) and see the various items mentioned above. As you know, some of them are free while other have a price tag on them which indicates they need to be purchased using coins.

rounds coins step 1

Once clicking on an item with a price tag, a box will open on the left that indicates what type of item it is, the name of the item, as well as the amount of coins needed to purchase it. Once you click on the “add button” you will here a “ch-ching” sound which indicates the item has been purchased successfully.

rounds coins step 2

You will notice that the number of coins you have, has now decreased and the item no longer has a price tag on it.

rounds coins step 3

If you have any questions, or if you are having any technical problems, please contact

This post will be updated as more gifts, effects, skins, games and activities become available.

If you are a developer, get more information about our developers API.

*Rounds reserves the right to change the coins system without warning.


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