Top Most Dangerous Waterfalls

| by Natasha Shine

Are you dreaming about breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls? Go ahead, but be cautious, a slip could be fatal… Here we have listed some of the deadliest waterfalls in the world!


1.Howick Falls, South Africa

Even though it is referred to as “The Tallest One” by the Zulu people, the fall is “only” 95m. Its fame resides somewhere else: The Howick Falls is known as the most dangerous waterfall on earth. Between 1851 and now, this waterfall has caused over 40 deaths!



2.Bash Bish Falls, Massachussets

Still waters run deep, so beware of this calm waterfall! Known as the deadliest one in the US, it attracts thousands of tourists every year, and up until now, 25 deaths have been recorded, most of them due to climbing or even jumping…



3.Kegon Falls, Japan

This fall has become infamous for attracting suicides, especially among young people disappointed in love…. So far, it is said to have claimed 200 lives!! Our advice: don’t go there while in a dispute!



4.Salto de Tequendama Falls, Colombia

The legend has it that during the Spanish conquest of South America, the indigenous people would jump from the cliff like eagles to escape from slavery. Although the conquest is over, the waterfall keeps attracting desperate jumpers…



5.Plitvice Falls, Croatia

This unique waterfall has been attracting tourists since the late 19th century for its breathtaking beauty. However, this waterfall also set the scene of what is now called “Plitvice Bloody Easter,” after two people died there!



6.Mitchell Falls, North Carolina

On June 27, 1857, Professor Elisha Mitchell, trying to prove that this was in fact the highest peak in the Appalachian Chain, fell to his death. He proved his point, but at the highest price!
So if you ever find yourself on this property, look around, and be cautious, the ghost of professor Mitchell might still be hanging around….



7.Opaeka’a falls, Hawai

While this waterfall cannot claim to be the prettiest or the highest, it has become a major tourist attraction, mainly because of its accessibility. However, a metal fence has been put up since two bodies were found floating at the base of the falls in 2006…



Would you like to see those waterfalls? Have you been to one of them, or more? Tell us your thoughts, we would love to hear about your experiences!


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  • I went to howick fall last year around may in a varsity trip. We went there to see types of rock. For me that place is scary and i assume that is going deep and maybe full of dangerous snake. i don’t want to visit any waterfall again in my life.

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