9 Epically Hysterical Facebook Fails

When you’re on Facebook, you can never be too careful. You can never know who’s going to be checking out your status or watching what you do. Now most of us, change our privacy settings or know not to put things in our status that we done want others to see, others however, don’t pay enough attention. Check out what happens when you share your life on Facebook for the world to see.

The below fails, and many other like them, can be found throughout numerous places on the web. For your convenience though, I’ve gone through many of them and put together these 9 epically hysterical facebook fails. Hope you enjoy!

“I hope you dont breed!”

Facebook fail - Spell Check

Why’d you break up?

Facebook Fail - Rash-Single

Some people should not be allowed to drive

Facebook Fail - Should not be allowed to drive

I hate my boss!

Facebook Fail - Hate My Boss

Favorite MILF

Facebook Fail - MILF Mom

Glitter’s a color I swear!

Facebook Fail - Glitter is a color

Thanks for pleasuring me so well

Facebook Fail - Pleasuresome Night

Leave my boyfriend alone!

Facebook Fail - Leave my boyfirend alone

It’s called an anthem! Duh!

facebook fail - anthem

So which was your favorite? Do you have any to add? If so, enter them in a comment below.


  1. Jay

    These were stolen directly off failbook.com

    If the readers enjoyed this post, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the site you plagairized.

  2. Energy conservatio

    I only see EIGHT hysterical Facebook fails. The second one… that just can’t be considered hysterical. Okay… so his girlfriend broke up with him because she gave him STD’s… happens every day.

  3. Viviana Preston

    The one with the boss should be made more popular! We all have lessons to learn from it – when you have 200 people as “friends” on facebook it’s almost impossible to remember who’s actually listening.

    And yeah… it’s like shouting things to the whole world.

  4. Kyle Webs

    the pages one!

    Becoming a fan of a bunch of Facebook pages, announcing it to all your so-called friends, and making sure she knows you’re pissed about it is gonna do it….because, of course, talking to your boyfriend wouldn’t work any better.

  5. jay

    actually, i dont know if all of them are real but the post with candace about the glitter…she is actually my friend on facebook and i remember that post.

    buy yea, these arent funny. at all.

  6. tranztopoleez

    Failbooking.com is one of those sites where you make fake conversations, half of these are retarded…

  7. Molly

    Obviously the word “hysterical” does not mean what you think it means. It doesn’t refer to something that is funny, it relates to extreme emotion, such as when a person suffers from hysterics.

  8. Charmaine

    I remember that initially when they implement the privacy setting features, the system would guide you to change the setting. If we ignore then these are the ultimate consequences.

  9. Alex

    Matt,is probably referring to “America,Fuck Yea !” The theme song from the movie Team America.And that would make Ryan the fucktard.If you actually read Matt’s post,you will see he IS referring to theme songs(like in wrestling)and NOT national anthems.So you see if Ryan could comprehend what he read he wouldn’t have come off as such a sarcastic douche.

  10. Law

    @ mook

    Do you honestly care? They were funny and I’m glad someone went to the trouble of collecting them so I didn’t have to. Chill out a bit, you’ll (probably) live longer.

    My favourites have to be the first and the last. I hope they aren’t real for humanity’s sake.

  11. mook

    I think a better title would be….

    “I stole a bunch of pics from another website and posted them on another website, are I not the clever one?”

    It’s just a suggestion.

  12. Rita

    oh the chalkboard one, that bitch shouldnt reproduce! what a dumb ass! And the boss one……also a d.a.!

  13. MasacruAlex

    lol at all , especially the milf one and the stacy one (cave lol )

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