7 April Fools’ Day Pranks to Pull on Facebook

| by Natasha Shine

Gone are the days of pulling a little prank on a couple of co-workers and then later on trying to convey how hilarious the prank was to your friends. Facebook has pretty much become the best place to pull April Fools’ Day pranks because it guarantees an audience of at least dozens, if not hundreds of people. No longer do you have to rig complicated whoopie cushion scenarios or clandestinely use the office copy machine to make fake announcements — now you can embarrass, fool, or completely confound your friends with just the click of a mouse! Check out my suggestions for 7 April Fools’ Day Pranks to Pull on Facebook.


1. Basic Profile Hijacking

This one’s pretty obvious, but if you happen to be near someone’s unattended open Facebook account — or better yet, guess their password — today’s the day to post something humiliating. The “I <3 Justin Bieber" example pictured above is not the most subtle, but it certainly grabs your attention. My personal favorite is to change someone's relationship status to "engaged." Whether they're in a relationship or not, they'll be absolutely flooded with notifications -- and it will take days for them to untangle the mess.

2. Tag Teasing

Ever take a pic of your bff while she was passed out drunk on the frat house couch in college, saliva delicately dribbling down her chin? Todays’ the day to post that pic — and tag it! If you want to mitigate the consequences, you can keep the privacy settings limited so that it’s only visible to certain friends — your victim will still have a heart attack when she sees it!

3. I Really “Like” You!

This one is best performed in teams. Step one: Pick a target and then go ahead and “like” every single thing the target’s posted — every comment, every picture, every profile change. Step two: Delete all your “likes” right afterwards. Step three: Grin like a madman as you imagine the identical Facebook notifications piling up in their inbox.

4. Fake Link + Profile Redirect

This link looks like a normal link, but it actually redirects whoever clicks on it to their very own profile — http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363.

So then you can post things like:
Like this status if you think this person is a nerd: http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363

5. Fake Fan Pages

Making a fake profile is against the rules, but making a fake fan page is a nice workaround. Get a group together and make a fan page for your victim — then you can cheerfully post whatever status updates you want. Is your target a die-hard environmentalist? Make a fan page having your victim talking about the latest SUV. You can even use it this to flatter yourself. Prank your significant other and have his/her fan page go on and on about how awesome you are.

6. Post a Crazy Headline for a Rounds Snapshot

Go on the Rounds video chat app with an unsuspecting friend and take a snapshot. Click “post to wall” and you can add your own headline: “Congratulations Bob!!! Triplets!!! Wow!!!1″

7. Set Your Birthday to April 1st

…and watch the heartfelt greetings roll on in.
Facebook pranks are fun and easy — unless you’re the victim! Bwa-ha-ha. Got any other good ideas? Share ’em in the comments below.


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