11 Facebook Pages You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

| by Natasha Shine

Recently we wrote a blog post about the strangest facebook pages out there. They were the ones that seemed to exist for reasons we can barely comprehend. Barely sneezing, homicidal lawn gnomes, and Spencer Pratt, we couldn’t understand being a fan of any of these things. Yet we had barely begun to scratch the surface. Here is spin of the strangest facebook pages. Will there be a part 3? Judging from the constant and continuing insanity on the internet, I’m going to say yes.

1. I Secretly Want To Punch Slow Walking People In the Back Of Their Heads

The first thing you might ask yourself when you visit this page is, why do they categorize themselves as a local business? You might think this group isn’t that strange. Overly violent? Sure. In too much of a hurry to get places? Possibly. But strange? We’ve all felt this way, usually around Christmas, usually at the mall. Don’t worry, we’re just easing you into the weirdness.

2. I Hate The Sun

And here we are. Feel eased yet? Currently 1,766 people on Facebook hate the sun. The sun. The thing that makes everything bright and, oh, I don’t know, keeps us alive. I get hating heat or sun burns, but the sun? That’s like hating the sky. Some have a legitimate excuse though. There are people that are actually allergic to sunlight, which has to suck worse than anything has ever sucked. But I doubt many people of 1,766 are allergic to sunlight. I counted one.

3. Because of Edward Cullen, Human Boys Have Lost Their Charm

This page has 187,297 members. Ew! So, that’s it then, isn’t it? We’ve all just agreed that raising a generation of young woman who idolize about being stalked, emotionally abused, and than abandoned is a good thing. There will be no negative consequences. Good to know.

4. The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Honestly, this makes more sense to be than nihilism.

5. Napkins

This group, like the Grass group, is weird because their topic of interest is so mundane. Napkins? I once had a friend who collected napkins. She was a particularly sad individual. What I find odd is that the Grass group has 21,944 members while Napkins group only has 386. Who has been doing grass’s PR?

6. Death

Uh…huh. Personally, I try not to think too much about death. There’s not much point. I’m going to live forever. But for all those mortals out there, you think they would try to avoid the subject. It’s scary! Although the dark attraction to dying could explain the next two pages.

7. I Have No Need For Drugs

This group has 63 members.

8. Drugs

And this one has 22,684. Maybe this isn’t a fair comparison, but, have you been to a college campus lately?

9. I Was Amazed When I Saw The lol Looked Like A Drowning Man

I have no idea what this page is even-oh, I just saw it!

10. Panicking When Your Finger Gets Stuck In Something Stupid

On the one hand, I’ve gotten my finger stuck before and is embarrassing. On the other, the title of this page could be taken in a very wrong way.

11. Inbox (1) Makes Me Nervous

Really? Why? How would having two messages be less nerve racking than have one? Has this become the phone call in the middle of the night?

That’s it for part 2 of The Strangest Facebook pages. Still think we’re missing one? Comment below.


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