Fun Holiday Drinking Games

| by Natasha Shine

We really love our drinking games here at Rounds and thought we’d put together a list of fun holiday themed games to get you through the holidays.

Politically Incorrectness

To start us off with a bang, this game requires some drinking in public, which let’s be real, if you’ve been to a mall anytime in December, drinking heavily is preferable. Bring your flask, drink of choice, and a good friend. Whenever you hear “Merry Christmas!”, one of you drinks. The other drinks when someone says “Happy holidays!”. While you can also play at home and call stores, it’s slightly more fun to do this in public. You’ll know to bring the game to an end when you risk getting cited for public drunkenness.

Racist Relatives

This game is all about the wacky and wildly inappropriate members of your family. Grab your cousin or equally disgusted relative, a tall glass of eggnog, and chose your target. Each time they make a sweeping racist statement, jokes, or defend their flawed logic, take a swig! Extra points for throwing out an “oriental” or other outdated racial slurs. If you’re feeling extra saucy, and have enough crazy in your family, choose 2 relatives that embarrass the hell out of you.

Never Have I Ever

One of the most fun, embarrassing, and revealing games gets a sweet holiday spin! Start with filling up your cup and 10 fingers up. Each person will go around saying something that they had never done during the holiday season! If you’ve done it, take a drink and put a finger down. The first person to lose takes a shot! After a few rounds, things can get personal, so make sure your friends have either done as many things as you or you love them enough to forgive them in the morning.

Dreidel Drinking Game

For good measure, here’s 2 drinking games that will lively up any Hanukkah party!! This dreidel game is strictly for adults only. Much like a normal game of dreidel spinning, each side represent something, but instead of playing with M&M’s, you get drunk!!

Version one:
Nun: Don’t drink
Shin: Tell someone else to drink
Hay: Drink once
Gimmel: Drink twice
Shin: Tell someone else to drink

Version two:
Grab some friends, some beer, a dreidel and a glass!
Nun: Do nothing
Shin: Pour some of your drink into the glass
Hay: Drink 1/2 of what’s in the glass
Gimmel: Drink everything
Keep playing until someone converts, or until it’s time for latkees.

Feel free to mix up the rules, throw in some shots, and drink enough for 8 nights in 1, a true Hanukkah miracle indeed!

Classic Holiday Movies

You’ve seen these holiday flicks tons of times, but add shots into the mix, and it’s a whole new movie! To play, all you need is a shot glass for each player and some beer/alcohol of choice.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation is a classic Christmas movie, and perfect for this game!


Each player takes one shot of beer every time:

    -Clark Griswold endangers himself or others in pursuit of the ultimate Christmas
    -Clark’s bonus is referenced in conversation
    -A calendar door is opened
    -Clark messes with the neighbors, either by accident or on purpose
    -Any animal or person messes with the Griswold Christmas tree
    -Clark is irritated by Cousin Eddie
    -Finally, every time a character on screen pounds their drink, finish your beer!!!

A Charlie Brown Christmas


Drink every time :

    -Charlie Brown complains about his life
    -When Snoopy dances in the movie, the last person to dance like him has to finish their drink
    -Every time someone says good grief
    -Each time Schroeder starts to play the piano
    -Whenever Linus sucks his thumb

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

All you need for this game is booze and the DVD!

    -Divide into two teams The Whos From Whoville and The Grinch
    -Every time the narrator says the name of your team, DRINK!

The team with the most functional players at the end of the movie is the winner

That’s just some of our favorite ways to make the holidays even more enjoyable!! Which did you like the most? Do you have any holiday drinking games to share? Just don’t drink and drive, and don’t end up like this guy:


Happy holidays Rounders (remember, someone has to take a shot for that!)


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