8 Things Girls Do to Look Better on Video Chat

| by Natasha Shine

The first time I opened up my webcam and looked at myself, I was horrified. Who was this person with washed-out skin and droopy eyes? I couldn’t video chat with anyone!

no way


Eventually I learned, however, that everyone looks bad on webcam. I started noticing that other girls had tricks to make themselves look more appealing. In fact, it seems that if you master these tricks, you can not only mitigate the ugly-making effects of a cheap webcam, you can come off looking hotter than you do in person.

I’ve performed some extensive research on this topic and broken it all down into the 8 Things Girls Do to Look Better on Video Chat.

1. Set the webcam to black & white

Feeling blotchy? Hate those crows feet that suddenly seem visible around your left eye? Have no fear: the black and white webcam will basically make all that disappear.
black and white

2. Strike a pose

Just because a webcam is a moving image, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be posing.

A lot of girls seem to be masters of the art of the Thoughtful Chin Tilt:
Others choose the Sexy Pout Head Tilt:

3. Half Smile

Oh the coy half-smile. The half-smile says, “No, I am not easily amused, but go on, try me.”
half smile

4. Don’t Show Your Whole Face

As Tyra says, “You’ve gotta know your angles.”

Try the Flirtatious Bird’s Eye:
know your angles
Or that old standby, the Three-Quarter Profile:
three-quarter angle


5. Let the Lighting Reflect Your Mood

If you’re feeling mysterious, go for the Dark Look:
Natural light will not only make you look angelic, it will also blur out any skin imperfections:
natural light
Or you can go for backlighting, which makes you look like maybe you run a photography studio in between video chats:

6. Show off your best features

If you’ve got gorgeous eyes, you might want to go for a close-up:
And if you’ve had a lot of orthodontia, make sure to show off your teeth:

7. Skin

Let’s be real here: if you’re comfortable lying around video chatting in your underwear, it doesn’t matter if you leave on your glasses.
Of course, even just a little skin can go a long way:

8. Look like you’re having a good time

I think the most useful trick I’ve seen, however, is the girl who makes sure it looks like she’s having fun. I mean, even if you’re just having a lonely night talking to your long distance boyfriend over the Internet, it doesn’t mean you have to sit around in your pajamas.
look like you're having fun
Have any other tips for looking good while chatting?


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