Horrible Celebrity Tattoos

| by Natasha Shine

Tattoos are a timeless fad that just seem to be getting crazier each day! Some people get the worst things imaginable inked onto their skin. Now celebrities of all sorts have been seen sporting some very awful tattoos! We found 10 celebrities who made a big mistake by getting these horrible tattoos! Take a look for yourself!


First up we have Nick Cannon showing some love for his wife, Mariah Carey….but in gigantic letters across his back! We all know that these lovebirds enjoy public displays of affection, but this enormous tattoo may just be taking it a little to far!


Next we have Melanie Griffith showing off another tattoo that made our list! Come on now, we all know that a Spanish heartthrob is irresistible, but is it really necessary to use a ugly tattoo to show it? I don’t think so!


You may be a champion boxer, but you are no winner when it comes to tattoos Mike Tyson!


These just keep getting from bad to worse! Here we have Lil Wayne up close and personal revealing just a few of his many tattoos! Never a good idea to permanently tattoo tears to your face!


We have learned time and time again that it is never a good sign when someone gets their boyfriends name permanently inked onto your body. Here Angelina shows us once again that this holds true! Needless to say that her and Billy Bob did not live happily ever after!


Well if your going to get a gigantic tattoo across your body you might as well get it of something you love, even if its yourself! Which is just what our favorite funny man Steve O has done! Take a look at his personal tribute to himself!


Mark Wahlberg makes our list with this horrible tattoo of his own initials on his arm! What was he thinking?!


Yet again we have another face offender! What was Gucci Mane thinking when he got this ice cream cone? Apparently he had a sweet tooth at the time he got this awful tattoo!


Ooops she did it again! Repeat offender Britney Spears shows several tattoos inked on her neck, ouch!


Last but not least to make our list of Horrible Celebrity Tattoos is Audrina Partridge! This tattoo is so bad, its hard to tell what it even is! What was she thinking?

For better or for worse it looks like tattoos aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! Everyone seems to be getting ink on their body, and celebrities are leading the way with awful ones just like these! Like what you saw? Have any comments? Let us know!


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