Size Does Matter – Our journey towards a smaller apk

| by Aviv Laufer

One of the issues that are sometimes overlooked when developing a mobile app is the size of the application. Even in our age of fast mobile networks and devices with plenty of storage space users still consider the size of an app before installing it, and of course if you want your app to run on lower end devices or Read More

Rounds Live – Enjoy the Internet Together!

| by Natasha Shine

All of us at Team Rounds are very happy to announce the release of Rounds Live, a friendly multiuser video chat platform where you can connect with you friends on your favorite websites! (available at Rounds Live is a completely scalable platform, allowing millions of people to enjoy the same content at the same time through a “rooms” concept. Read More

A Bug’s Life – How we test without testers

| by Aviv Laufer

At Rounds, like most other software companies, we are always looking at the best way to test our products. We have a mobile app for iOS and Android and also a web (Chrome extension) app. As a small company, we do not have the resources (either human or hardware) to test our apps on all of the devices and networks Read More

Women Who Code & Rounds

| by Berry Ventura-Lev

Just as I signed my employment contract at Rounds, I found out that in a team of 15 software developers there was just one female developer. Well, with so few women in this field you can imagine I was very happy that there was one! If you are a female software developer, you probably know the feeling…. A couple of Read More

Rounds 1st Hackathon

| by Aviv Laufer

Here at Rounds, we like to challenge ourselves and explore new horizons. We love to code and experiment with new ideas and new technologies. We figured out that doing a Hackathon would be a fun way to achieve that. Everyone on the team was encouraged to come up with fun ideas to enhance engagement, retention and virality. A week before the hackathon we created a shared Read More

My go development environment

| by Aviv Laufer

I’m an old time linux user. I started back in 1993 with version 1.1 of Slackware which I downloaded via 2400 bps modem. Since those early days I have been using plenty of Linux distributions, used – to my shame – some MS windows desktop, and now I’m using OS X 10.9 on MacBook air as my development machine. I Read More

Unleash the power of the GPU with Renderscript

| by Aviv Laufer

Our mobile application at Rounds is a social video chat app. The app needs to run on a variety of android devices, some of them are powerful devices, and some are more towards the lower end of the scale. Like any other video chat product we are a processing-intensive app, always converting from one format to another or applying some Read More

The Joys of Affordable Concurrency

| by Natasha Shine

At Rounds, we love functional tests but we hate waiting for our test suite to finish. Since much of what we do involves interacting with networked services (either our own or external) much of the time our test suite is waiting for other services to respond. Recently we started using Go for some of our server software. We knew we Read More

Becoming Part of the Rounds Family

| by Rounds Intern

This is a guest post by Michael Lowinger When I graduated college last May, I had no idea where my life was headed. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to work outside of New York or Connecticut, let alone a different country. Yet, 3 months later I found myself on a plane halfway across the world to Israel. Read More

OPEN POSITION: Senior Android Developer

| by Aviv Laufer

Rounds believes in having fun whilst hanging out – that means video chatting with your friends and using synchronized activities. We have products for the web and mobile spaces. Our team is made up of dynamic, talented individuals from diverse backgrounds that excel in their fields. We are looking for energetic, hardworking, passionate people to join our family. If you Read More