Pick-Up Sticks

| by Grischa

Play PickUpStix game together
Have a Steady Hand?

Remove all the pieces without disturbing the peace. See how many sticks you can grab without touching anything else. This addictive two player game will leave you begging for more! Remember, patience is a virtue!

Start a Round with your favorite friend, find “PickUpSticks” on video chat rounds in the activities menu and click the “start” button to begin playing this childhood classic. The goal is to move as many sticks off the board as you can, without disrupting any of the other pieces. Successfully remove a stick to get another turn. If you mess up, your opponent gets a chance to collect. Each stick you collect has a different point value, based on it’s color. The game ends when all the sticks have been removed from the board. The player with the most points wins! Play free games online, now!

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