Most Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets Ever

| by Natasha Shine

Celebrities used to be these beautiful mysterious beings, who would grace our presence only on the silver screen, or perhaps live but in front of millions of fans. We barely knew anything about them, except for what we read in tabloids. Celebrities and us normal people were worlds apart.

Cue: Twitter! Bringing fans closer to their favorite celebrities than ever before! At first it was exciting, but getting inside the heads of celebrities we have idolized may have its ramifications. I mean, I don’t really know how comfortable I am with the knowledge that Conan O’brien enjoys naked cereal consumption. Either way, for your enjoyment, we have put together a collection of The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets Ever!

Hard times, Kanye. Hang in there.

Try using this as a rule of thumb in the future, Khloe. If it’s too much information for you, then it is probably too much information for us.

Yep. That is certainly something to brag about, Jermaine.

No, seriously you guys. My teeth are really made of diamonds. Ughhh, why doesn’t anyone believe me.

Okay, I think someone needs to check his ego at the door.

Why society lets you get away with things like this, I will never know.

Goin’ through a little dry spell, huh?

Wait, I’m sorry…since when are chipmunks famously fast punchers, Jess?

Excellent use of twitter, Conan. That is definitely the type of information you should continue sharing with the world.

Why, that is refreshingly astute.

Fat chicks need lovin’ too, Bill.

Note to Kanye West’s publicist: Tweets like these are why you hire someone to hold his cell phone for him when you are not around.

And why wouldn’t you be, Stephanie Pratt. You are very qualified.

Why yes, I actually get all my important news updates from slash. His tweets are really more like a service. So informative.

Well I guess now we know the secret to getting two thumbs up…busty ladies.

Tell us how you really feel, Dwight.

No such thing as a stupid question, my ass…

I can’t even start to imagine where you were when you tweeted this…

Lost your bottle of Jack, did ya?

We really like where this tweet is heading…

Sorry Solange, you’re not a big enough celebrity to write things like that.

Share more of your parenting tips with us, Tony…

Which is Chinese for Al Yankovic sucks.

Definitely frame it. That is something to be proud of. You should show it to people over dinner.

The bouncer didn’t think it would be a good idea to legalize coke, huh?

When your service sucks, you just need to have a sense of humor.

Sorry Grams, but I just don’t need this s*!%. Hit me up when you want to talk about grills or bitches.

Well said.

Your tweets are pearls of wisdom, Kanye. Every last one of them.

Are you sure it was Justin Bieber, or was it possibly that chick from The L Word…

Well you really can’t blame them, Justin. Lesbians did have your haircut first.

That is Nobel Prize worthy material right there. Congratulations on mastering nouns, Ms. Bynes.

Gross. I just threw up in my mouth, a little bit.

We think so too, John.

But the real question is, did you eat a meatball sub?

Just give the lady some cookies and she will calm down.

Which is your favorite celebrity tweet? Comment and let us know…


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