6 Strange but Delicious Food Combinations

I went to Pittsburgh once and tried one of their famous Primanti Brothers sandwiches: meat, lettuce, tomato, and coleslaw and fries. Yep, that’s right: cole slaw and fries inside the sandwich. It’s surprisingly delicious. Ever since then, of course, I’ve been hooked on squishing my side dishes inside my sandwich (turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potato on whole wheat; egg salad and green beans on rye).

These usually aren’t particularly strange flavor combinations per se, since you’d eat all those things on the same plate, but lately this practice has led me down a road towards combining some things that normally I’d keep separate.

Below, I bring you 6 Strange but Delicious Food Combinations.

1. Potato chips in Salad Sandwiches

potato chips
A nice tuna salad or chicken salad sandwich is a wonderful thing. But all that yummy mayo can make the bread soggy. Why not add some crunch?

2. Coffee in Yogurt

bowl of yogurt
I often keep plain yogurt around the house. It’s just good for so many things (baking, making sauces) and with pieces of fresh fruit it makes an excellent breakfast. But sometimes I need a stack with a boost. Personally, I prefer dark espresso, but a nice flavored coffee (French vanilla, hazelnut) can also be delicious.

3. Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie

cheddar cheese
This classic seems to have fallen out of style a little. I think it’s time to bring it back. The sharp, salty cheddar really complements the gooey apple. Best served hot, with a thick slice melted over the top of each piece of pie.

4. Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich

I like sandwiches, can you tell?
peanut butter and bacon
Bacon goes great with peanut butter. Both are salty, but have different types of flavors. The creaminess of peanut butter goes great with the crispiness of the bacon. Mayonnaise optional.

5. Salted Watermelon

watermelon slices
Why is this so good? Is it just a simple matter of yin and yang? Or is it because the salt absorbs some of the watermelon and makes it taste more flavorful? I’m not sure what’s at work with this combo, but it’s delectable.

6. Cayenne Pepper and Mango

mango cubes
Mango has an interesting flavor all on its own, but the cayenne really just gives it a nice kick. Plus, red and orange look pretty together.
Sometimes when the cupboard is bare, you stumble across some random ingredients and throw them together, and presto! a strange new snack is born.

What are your favorite unusual food combinations?


  1. anonymousmouse

    salted liquorice (something really dutch)
    potatoes and egg omelet with onion
    cheese and sausage sandwich
    sheep lung with potato slices

  2. Sm

    peanut butter, with black olives and mayo sandy.
    peanut butter and raw onions sandy.
    chicken granola bars.

    jam in my omlettes.
    Sometimes i make it into a grilled cheese omlette sandy with jam in the middle.

    fried sweet potatoes with brown sugar and cinnamon, minced garlic.

    i used to eat sugar and butter mixed together, with a spoon. lawl.

  3. Rebecca

    Hey there,

    My name is Rebecca and I’m a Casting Producer for the TLC show Freaky Eaters. We are launching into our second season and we are looking for ADULTS WHO EAT WEIRD FOOD COMBINATIONS!!!!

    If you are at interested in finding out more about the project. Please e-mail me at:



  4. Rebecca Smith

    HAHAHAAAAA I love hearing ppl think something is unusual or newly discovered (by them) My family has been putting salt on all melon for over 40 years; french fries on sandwiches in common in other countries, but SLAW on sandwiches is VERY common in the U.S. What gives with saying ‘that’s right slaw inside the sandwich. Haven’t you ever eaten BBQ ?? Cheese in apple pie is common. Although I came to Sweden and they thought peanut butter and banana sandwiches sounded crazy XD XD but my 48 yr old fiance had never even tasted peanut butter OR BBQ sauce. They all loved he peanut butter & I noticed them putting BBQ sauce on their pizza’s. lolll (which is excellent by the way) Pulled pork BBQ pizza with pineapple and BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce is really good.

    Also once I was out of sugar and butter but really wanted some grits (yeah Im from the south, grits are really just like cream of wheat, or oatmeal, but made out of corn) Anyway I put a spoonful of some cake mix into it and it was awesome.

  5. ash

    pasta sandwich with cheese and lettuce on buttered bread.
    banana and peanut butter sandwich, lettuce optional.
    cheese whiz and wild berry jam sandwich.
    Fish sticks dipped in chocolate pudding.

  6. 2 good combos

    Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, washed down with a mix of coca cola and red wine!

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