Rounds is Hiring a System Admin!

| by Natasha Shine

Rounds, a live hangout platform, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, is seeking a System Admin to build an operations team. Initially, this candidate will be the operations team, but we see the job growing as our customer base grows.

We want a hand-ons guy/gal who will spend the first 6 months tuning and optimizing our system and at the same time, planning for our next version.

Job requirements:

  • Experience with Operations: Release management, SLAs, Data centers, monitor, escalation
  • Systems Engineering Experience: Experience managing production web environments (LAMP stacks), Networking, Amazon AWS, CDN, Web servers
  • Programming: Must be able to program in Shell, Python, Perl.
  • Interested in optimizing/balancing costs and performance.

The candidate must be located in Israel and will work out of our offices. This is a full time position.

Please send relevant CV’s to

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