9 futuristic things the world needs right now

| by Natasha Shine

While social networks are lots of fun, with Twitter being great and 6rounds being totally awesome, there are a few things we’re really missing from our everyday life. I mean, come on people, 2010 is just around the corner and the future that everybody promised us is simply not here yet.

Lets gather all the great minds of this world into one big building, lets start the ball rolling, let bygones be bygones, let it be. I’m sure there’s a country out there that will be glad to sponsor this kind of thing (I’m thinking Japan) and although it can take a few years, it’s all for a very good cause!

So, what does the world need now?

1. Teleporting
Yes, the Internet is a great tool if I want to speak with people from all over the world. Google Maps does a great job in showing us the world. Flickr gives us plenty of pictures from everywhere we can think of and YouTube is the best place to find worldwide videos. But if I want to experience the real world and actually be in all these places – videos, images and maps just don’t cut it.

Sure, you can fly, drive and sail, but in this fast world we live in, we just can’t be bothered. I want to press on a button and be somewhere else, I want to quickly escape to somewhere exotic in the split of a second, I want to spontaneously hangout with my friends in a Mediterranean pub. I want to have the whole wide world in my hands. I want to be beamed up, Scotty.


2. Hoverboards
According to Back to the Future Part II, this little transportation vehicle should be ready by 2015, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming any time soon. We had the Segway a few years back, but you can’t really compare the coolness of the Hoverboard to the sort-of-boring not-too-innovative Segway. I’ve been hearing about other inventions in this field lately, but everything revolves around wheels – one wheel, two wheels or three, it’s never a hovering piece of technology.

It’s not only about the fast transportation or the ease of use, it’s about making something spectacular, it’s about getting skateboarding back to fashion and it’s about showing ourselves that we can. Yes, people, we can.


3. Dream Recorders
How hard can this really be? We are sleeping, we are dreaming, our minds are producing brainwaves and electric pulses or whatever and there’s this little gadget that we hold somewhere close by that records what we are dreaming about. I think this will solve a lot of problems in the world – all these people that go around saying something like “last night I had a dream. I was in my house, but it wasn’t really my house” – they will all be gone for good!

This could also help the movie industry quite a bit. Think about the dreams of all the creative people out there, of the writers and the directors, the artists and the designers. Maybe it will open up a whole new genre of movies – short, artistic dreams where you are in your house, but it’s nor really your house…


4. Virtual Reality
The geeks of this world have been talking about this thing for a very very very long time. We even had a few solutions presented to us in the eighties and various simulators are still being shown on a monthly basis, but nothing is the real thing yet. I want something that will make you feel like you’re actually there, something that will let you experience things you never would have tried in real life, something that makes your heart beat fast. Something fun.

I saw this video once that envisioned how Play Station 9, which is scheduled for 2078 will look like and I think this is basically what everybody is looking for, only today…
Watch the video below to understand what I’m talking about:

5. Anti-Gravity Suit
This could really be an amazing product that will answer many desires of the human mind. It will be like flying, it will be like being in space, it will be like defying God’s principals, it will be like astral yoga. This suit will create a sort of emptiness bubble around you and you will be in a vacuum, without actually being in space. I’m sure this invention will have to include quantum mechanics in one way or another, but I’m not the one to ask how it’s going to be done. I just want it badly.

But it also has to look good. I don’t want to carry around with me some ‘dorky’ costume, or an astronaut suit. I want it to be lightweight and fashionable. Yes, I want a lot of things out of my anti-gravity suit, but if I’m dreaming, I’m going to dream big.


6. Babel Fish
According to Wikipedia, a Babel Fish is a “small, yellow and leech-like fish which simultaneously translates from one spoken language to another. When inserted into the ear, its nutrition processes convert sound waves into brain waves, neatly crossing the language divide between any species you should happen to meet whilst traveling in space.

So I want something like that, only it really doesn’t have to be a living thing. Actually, I would rather that it isn’t! A very small, yet powerful, technology earplug could do the trick perfectly. Google Translate is a good start and combined with speech recognition, voice and some kind of wireless Internet connection this could be a perfect gift for your average businessman.

Another cool version of this could be to create a different encrypted language every time you use it, so the conversation between a few people could be private for all surrounding people. James Bond stuff, very hush-hush, private and top-secret.


7. Augmented Reality Lenses
This is a very hot topic right now, but I still haven’t seen anything that actually works well. The potential here is huge, and the possibilities are really endless, but I think that we’re still a few years away from having something that the public will use. Check out the iPhone application Layar, which adds another layer of information to the things you view using your iPhone. The concept is amazing and I think that this company will be able to do great things in the very near future.

How cool would it be to walk the streets and get more information about every building you see, every person you meet, every place you go to? Think The Terminator meets the Internet, the user generated content and the social networks. Think the future.


8. Space Elevator
Space. The final frontier. Not sure about it, but I’m guessing there’s nothing like seeing earth from space, or seeing the stars really bright without a telescope. Sure, space travel is getting closer to reality, but as mentioned before, we can’t really be bothered with traveling these days. We want something much faster and more enjoyable all the way through.

An elevator could be the answer we’re all looking for. Either that or an electric stairway, I don’t really mind, just let me enjoy the ride and see everything while we’re climbing up. Oh, and make it fast. Super fast. And comfortable. That’s about it. Sounds really easy to me.


9. Invisibility Suit
Who doesn’t want to be invisible, if only for just a short while? We all dream about it at least once in our lives and pictured how the world would look like through the eyes of the invisible man. If you want to spy on your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, if you want to infiltrate an enemy base or if you just want to scare people shitless in the upcoming Halloween, this is the gadget for you.

I don’t really care how it will get done, just that it does! Use tiny little LCD screens with millions and millions of webcams, combine black magic with mass hypnosis, biologically change the DNA of someone or just make everybody else blind. This can be one of the coolest things ever, although administrative regulations should be heavily enforced here.


So, what are your futuristic things that the world couldn’t live without?
Let us know in the comments below. Who knows, maybe someone is listening…


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