6 ways to look good on your webcam

| by Natasha Shine

webcam girl

If you’re not an actor and not used to being in front of a video camera, your first webcam chats can be a little intimidating. The fact that you can see yourself while talking to others, doesn’t help also and you will probably be too self-aware and maybe even a little shy. But there’s really nothing to be afraid of, as the person on the other side probably feels the same way and if you’ll prepare yourself for the meeting, things will go as smoothly as they do in real life.

To help you feel more confident, we’ve prepared the following tips to help you look good on your webcam chats:

1. Just be yourself. Yes, that’s easier said than done, but it’s the truth. Just relax, take a deep breath, smile to yourself and to your chat partner, be cool, and go with the flow of the conversation. Don’t try to act as someone else just because you’re behind a webcam, people do notice. Don’t sit like your stuck in cement, but on the same note don’t be moving around so much that people can’t see you for the blur.

2. Light up the room. Webcams work better when there is light, so don’t think about your electrical bill right now and turn on every source of light you can find. A desk lamp near your computer screen can also be a great help, but of course too much light can also hide your face. Mess around with the lighting and see how you look with different lights turned on.

3. Dress yourself. That’s always a good tip, since looking good is about feeling good and feeling good can be affected by the way you are dressed. If you’re wearing your pajamas, don’t be surprised if you look like you just woke up or getting ready for bed. If you have a pretty face sit closer to the webcam and, if not, sit further back.

4. Position the webcam. Before you start the chat, work out which side is your best and position the webcam accordingly. It’s important to be as self confident as possible while chatting. In order to make sure you’re looking good, do these tests before you start video chatting with other people and maybe even talk to yourself from different angles and positions.

5. Choose the background. The background can tell a lot about yourself and you picking something interesting to put behind you will make you look more interesting too. Hang a few cool pictures behind you, put a cup of coffee on your desk or even an open beer bottle, “forget” your underwear on a nearby chair, whatever. Just be unique and interesting.

6. Continue reading. How to improve your cheapo webcam’s picture quality is a great resource with more tips on how to play around with your webcam and the lighting in your room to get the best results possible.

If you have any other tips you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.


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