Weirdest Mugshots Ever: Special Face Tattoo Edition!

| by Natasha Shine

It’s safe to assume you’re a little insane if you’ve gotten your face tattooed in the first place. But what can we expect from people who get “FUCK” tattooed over one eyebrow and “LAPD” over the other?

fuck lapd
We shouldn’t judge, I guess. Just laugh. And then feel very, very frightened. Check out our gallery of the Weirdest Mugshots Ever: Special Face Tattoo Edition!

1. Wrongfully Convicted

Looks like self-fullfilling prophecy to me.
wrongfully convicted

2. The Devil Wears Tiny Glasses

devil in glasses

Whatever you do, don't call him Four-eyes.


3. Sunshine State 4 LIFE

A panhandle-shaped tear. Tough.
sunshine state 4 life

4. This guy has self-esteem issues written all over him.


You said it, not me.


5. Nothing to see here.

At least he’s honest.
question mark guy

6. Pleading insanity

Somehow, this guy is intimidating because of his complete lack of creativity.

psycho forehead

Show, don't tell. First rule of badassery. Duh.


7. Ten to Fifteen Years? Welcome to…


8. Git-R-Dun


9. Giant Egg, Tiny Eagle

eagle egg

10. Doodle Head

His forehead looks like the cover of a psychopath’s spiral notebook.
doodle head

11. Frankenstein

He’s created a monster!
DIY Frankenstein

12. Beard Writing

If you can read what’s written in his chinstrap, he’ll give you a diamond…or a carrot.
carrot diamond

13. Cannabis Chin

This guy has the holy trifecta on his face: the LA Dodgers, Jesus Christ and…weed.
weed chin

14. A New Twist on an Old Classic

anchor nose

Special Feature: Neck Tattoos!


Hipster of the Year

vegan mugshot

Bros B4 Hos

bros before hos

The Anatomy Joker

adam's apple

The Walking Post-it

Sept 11 guy

Karma is…wait, what was I saying?


Oh, right. It’s a bitch.


Let’s hear it for the ladies!

Neck tattooing isn’t as popular with women. We prefer the ultra-seductive cleavage tattoo.

all eyes on me


I almost titled this post “Worst Mugshots Ever,” but then I realized there’s rarely such a thing as a “good” mugshot, really. Of course, there are many boring mugshots, featuring people who are either down on their luck — and look it — or scowling.

But remember kids, you don’t need a tattoo to have a weird mugshot.

Amish mugshot

Out of all of these, I think the best is #3, the guy with what looks like the Florida panhandle on his cheek. It’s just so delightfully unexpected. Which one’s your favorite?


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