World’s Most Ridiculous Tattoos

| by Natasha Shine

Tattoos can be a beautiful form of self-expression, or they can be a permanent homage to stupidity and bad taste. While some tattoos take months of thought and planning, others leave you wondering, “what in the world were they thinking?!”

Because it is oh-so-fun to laugh at someone else’s expense, we have compiled a list of the most ridiculous tattoos ever to be painfully seared into human flesh. Get excited!

Make Good Use Of That Unwanted Body Hair

This tattoo is one way to guarantee that you will never see ladies in that position.

I would just shave, if this were me…but this works too.

Show Off Your Stupidity

(image source)
Okay, but you are certainly not awEsome. Sorry.

(image source)
Um, your next what? Did you mean to tell whoever you are pointing your fists at that they are next? Because in that case you were going for “you’re next.” I’m sure you knew that, though, and just ran out of fingers.

(image source)
Oh man, there are so many non-extreme things about this picture. Taking self-pictures with your cell phone? Not extreme. Having girly star tattoos on both arms? Not extreme. Spelling it exreme? Definitely not extreme.

(image source)
Well if you are going to spell it like that, you should have gotten it on the front!

Let The World Know You’ve Given Up

Not only is this the absolute worst way I can imagine to show pride in your country, but this guy has some serious patriotic ADD. “I want my face to look like the American flag. No, a baseball! Wait…I want the lyrics to two different patriotic songs on my cheeks. Screw it, just do it all and put a huge red white and blue USA across my forehead. Do you think they’ll get the point?”

This guy definitely drives a van and offers candy to children.

Do you ever really want to play checkers, but you forgot your board at home? No problem…

Is anybody else curious about what this guy looks like when he smiles?

Make The Most Of A Crappy Situation

Well this is just plain awesome. The only thing that could possibly make it better is if the note was signed piggy.

When you are short a leg, a sense of humor goes a long way.

I wonder how he lost his arm…

Celebrate Your Belly Button

I would ask why, but then again…are there any good reasons NOT to turn your belly button into an anus?

This is an extra-special way to draw attention to your fat belly.

There really are no words for this exhibitionist monkey tattoo.

I’ve Got My Eyes On You

Gives a whole new meaning to having eyes in the back of your head.

I really want to know how he was able to keep from balding right in the perfect eyebrow location, and the perfect eyebrow location only.

Treasure Chest

This tattoo ensures you can be a pompous douche whether or not you are wearing clothing.

It takes some kind of man to choose his love of spiderman over getting laid ever again.

Let your Geek Flag Fly

Star Wars, meet the Hundred Acre Woods where Christopher Robin plays.

These glasses read: I’m a nerd, but not the kind who will ever have a job.

True devotion to HTML.

Yes, all tattoos should be interactive and appeal to 5 year olds. That is how you know you chose a good one.

Handy Man

How many times do you really think that is going to be funny? One variety of finger mustache is really more than enough.

Wow this is creepy. Not only do we now know how you spend your spare time, but so does your boss, your kid, your priest, your mom. The list goes on and on.

Celebrate God’s Gifts

The only good way to go bald is with a sense of humor.

Now is this a beer belly, or is he just showing off his 6-pack abs?

Animal Cruelty

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Hey, could I get a piggy back ride? Sorry…I already have a monkey on my back.

Aw, he’s nursing a baby giraffe! How sweet.

I Want My Money Back

You know, there is actually no doubt in my mind that this guy has been abducted by aliens.

Irony rears its ugly head

At least he has his priorities in order. Daughter, country THEN Star Wars.

What is the most ridiculous tattoo you have ever seen?



  • “These glasses read: I’m a nerd, but not the kind who will ever have a job.”

    Awesome. Simply awesome.

  • The author is awfully pretentious. Sure there are a lot of crap tats on here, but the spiderman under the skin is undeniably awesome. To suggest he’ll never get laid again for it is to suggest that the author is a virgin.

  • You’re so right about that America guy, what a prick. How dare he get a facial tattoo? Why do people even get tattoos, really? I mean some are cool but people should only get a certain kind or something not be stupid and crazy.

  • The “Extreme” one does actually include the T, it’s built into / runs into the R, though it’s quite badly done so it does look like “Exreme”.

  • Not only a bad set of tattoos, but who the hell would do them. Client and ‘professional’ are both sad.

  • Not gonna lie. I kinda love the connect the dots giraffe.

  • The guy with the full face one that is labeled drives a van or something he is actually a professor at some college.

  • The hell are you talking about author?
    I would totally do the guy with the Spiderman tattoo. Not even kidding.


    Second: Most of these are so horrible XD The sad part is, I bet only half of them were drunk/stoned when they did this…
    Though I do love the connect-the-dots giraffe ("What's your tattoo of?" "Would you like to find out yourself? Here's a sharpie!") But most of them are so bad, I'd be ashamed to know those people :P

  • So if the guy with the “exreme” tattoo is taking his own picture in a mirror wouldn’t that mean that it’s backwards to everyone else

  • Actually, the guy with the skull mask tattoo is a famous model. He was in Lady GaGa’s latest video. And, I find him to be rather attractive in a strange and interesting way… Link here:

    He’s in it at about 4:12 on.

  • Ditto- the Spiderman tat is really nice, really well executed, and I’m pretty sure he does get laid. Some of these are pretty tasteless, but to say they all are? The dot-to-dot one is really cute. I’ve seen it on several lists and wouldn’t mind doing something like that myself. Makes me think of when we were children, more innocent, and more compassionate towards one another. :)

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