8 YouTube videos to watch while drunk

| by Natasha Shine

When you’re drunk, almost anything can seem funny. There are however, always those certain videos that crack you up hysterically no matter how many times you’ve seen them. The videos below capture an array of comical approaches but they all have one thing in common, they’re f***ing hilarious!

1. Fainting goats

I’ve never thought much of goats. It’s not really a topic that’s generally talked about or laughed upon, but these goats are “special”. Check them out!


2. Music Idol Tryouts – Ken Lee

Valentina Hasan has became famous after her tryouts for Music Idol in Bulgaria became well known. I’m sure this version of “Without You” would bring a tear to any of Marriah Carry’s fan’s.


3. Funniest Prank Ever

I’m generally not one for pranks but people’s reactions to things like these always amuse me. I’m sure my reaction wouldn’t be that far off.


4. Condom Commercial

I love smart commercial’s. Even more than that though, I love commercials that make their point in an amusing and comical manor. This commercial does just that, and does it well!


5. Interviewer cracking up during serious interview

You can tell in the first few seconds of this video, that the interview was supposed to be serious in nature. The audience is quite and they are all listening in to what seems to be a serious interview.


6. Jeff Dunham Spark Of Insanity

I love Jeff Dunham. Out of all these videos, I believe this is the most mainstream and well known but I had to out it up. Jeff Duham is pure genius and he’s right, we all know someone like Walter. Don’t you?


7. Fail pictures

I’ve always been fond of the fail blog and in general, I think most of the fail videos are funny. This video, is a mix of different fail pictures. It’s quite long but very amusing.


8. Women Drivers

Compilation of women drivers in action. Need I say more?


So what did you think? Do you have your own funny favorites to add to the list? If so, add them to the comments below.


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