• Dany Fishel superhero

    Dany Fishel

    Co-Founder and CEO
    Dany Fishel is the co-founder and CEO of Rounds where he has raised $22M from industry leading top tier investors such as Sequoia Capital, Samsung Ventures, Verizon Ventures, Tim Draper’s DFJ and Rhodium. Dany overseas all the business ongoings and leads the 35 member team with a multidisciplinary management style. In 2012, Dany was selected alongside co-founder Ilan Leibovich in the prestigious “40 under 40” awards. A vanguard in internet business development and online marketing, Fishel previously co-founded the strategic web consulting practice KwaKwa, and successfully managed projects for innovative startups, including aniBOOM and PLYmedia. He also managed both contextual and behavioral advertising for 888 Holdings Public Limited Company, one of the world’s most popular online gaming entertainment companies, and was responsible for generating 10’s of millions of dollars of yearly revenue. His expertise includes developing new revenue models, forging strategic partnerships, and media landscape thought-leadership. Fishel is a decorated army sergeant, having commanded an elite paratroopers’ unit in the Israel Defense Forces from 1998-2001. Fishel received a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management with honors from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. He lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and three sons.
  • Nitzan Tomer superhero

    Nitzan Tomer

    All Star Developer
    Gifted software engineer that specializes in mobile and web applications while using different types of cutting edge technologies. Nitzan masters Java both on Android and on the server side, and he speaks C++ and JavaScript fluently. Nitzan has a passion for well designed interface and clean code. In his free time, he loves eating Vegan food and spending time with his sidekick (and company mascot), Shnitzel.
  • Dmitry Panfilov superhero

    Dmitry Panfilov

    Lead DevOps Engineer
    Dmitry joine Rounds from GetTaxi. He keeps our global production systems up 24/7 and is in charge of large scale environments. He builds tools and automate infrastructure for continuous delivery and provide service to R&D day to day work. He troubleshoots, monitor and solve complex production issues while being responsible for the stability of a flexible production environment. He's also on-call 24x7x365 on-call to ensure high availability of our network services.
  • Doody Parizada superhero

    Doody Parizada

    Senior Software Engineer
    Top notch Software Engineer, who believes that programmers and code can live in harmony. Doody served in the technological unit of the IDF as a software engineer and then went on to graduate with honors from Bar Ilan University with a BSc. He is familiar with multiple programming languages mainly Python, Go and C++.
  • Or Azulay superhero

    Or Azulay

    Product Manager
    Or is a data driven product enthusiast with a high affinity for strategy and growth tactics. Prior to joining Rounds, Or served in the Israeli Intelligence Corps (8200), founded an online cigar store and worked as a data analyst both in AOL and eBay. In his spare time, Or practices Yoga and Meditation so one day he could become a Zen Master.
  • Gadi Srebnik superhero

    Gadi Srebnik

    Chief Communications Officer
    Gadi is Rounds communication guru. Having been at Rounds since inception he knows the ins and outs of the platform and uses his 10 years of experience in real-time synchronization, media streaming and multi-user integrations to lead Rounds communication capabilities into the future. Talented software developer, specializing in Flash ActionScript, FMS streaming and communication. Experienced in design and development of highly interactive distribution systems for data and media. Previously worked as a Team Manager and Chief Media architect at KnockaTV. Gadi completed his BSc from Bar-Ilan University.
  • Aviv Laufer superhero

    Aviv Laufer

    A passionate developer, designer, and manager of software with over 20 years of extensive experience, Aviv codes and solves technical problems with a combination of strong creativity and powerful technical skill. He is experienced in project management (planning, procurement, manufacturing, and finance), independent development, and system designs, and has experience in the managing of both small and large teams having grown teams from 20 to over 200 people. Prior to joining Rounds, Aviv held senior management positions at several hi-tech companies including TechFinancials, Comverse and Shopping.com (acquired by Ebay). In his spare time, Aviv enjoys spending time with his family and ultrarunning.
  • Shunit Cohen superhero

    Shunit Cohen

    Administrative Manager
    Shunit is our lively and funny Administrative Manager. She has over 10 years of managerial experience in a wide range of companies. Before joining Rounds, Shunit was the Office Manager at Yotpo.
  • Elazar Yifrach superhero

    Elazar Yifrach

    Senior iOS Developer
    Passionate thinker and inventor, Elaz has been developing in flash since 2004 and iOS since 2010. He previously worked as a senior flash developer for Starnet Interactive and went on to co-found Cleversome, an iOS apps company in May 2010. Elaz loves pixel perfect interfaces and photography.
  • Ami Blonder superhero

    Ami Blonder

    Server Developer
    Passionate about all things feline and Bach, Ami is also a hard-working software engineer with vast experience in the video conferencing field and C++. A graduate of Computer Science from the Hebrew University, Ami is also perusing a degree in philosophy of Science from the Tel Aviv university. When not staring at a screen, Ami can occasionally be found rollerblading along the beaches of Tel Aviv.
  • Eyal Gal superhero

    Eyal Gal

    Android Senior Developer
    Eyal is a talented and enthusiastic android developer with over 10 years of experience. He enjoys developing, hacking, breaking software and then making it better. Most recently, Eyal was the core developer at AVG where he focused on communication. In 2008, Eyal graduated from MTA (Tel Aviv Jaffa College) with a BSc in Computer Science.
  • Martha Funston superhero

    Martha Funston

    Release Manager
    Martha ensures the entire team get things done. On time. With a smile. Originally from the US, Martha loves traveling, conquering different languages, meeting new people and constantly challenging herself. As Rounds Release Manager, she is the alchemist merging the dev, product and business teams together. In addition, Martha owns all localization efforts and manages the Rounds beta community. Prior to joining Rounds, Martha worked her way up at Everything.Me.
  • Ofir Engolz superhero

    Ofir Engolz

    Advanced Media Team Leader
    Skilled Advanced Media Team Leader, with great experience from working in many successful companies. Prior to joining the Rounds team, Ofir worked as an advanced graphics and 3D team leader at Samsung developing and designing 3D games and physics engines for Samsung Mobiles and TV platforms. Ofir is one of four authors of the Algebraic Multi-Grid Approach for High-Pass Quantization Publication, and is also one of the inventors of a Patented Multiplatforming gaming system. Ofir Graduated The Hebrew University with a bachelors degree in mathematics and Computer Science (Bsc) and a masters degree in Computer Science (Msc).
  • Ilan Leibovich superhero

    Ilan Leibovich

    Co-Founder and CIO
    Ilan is the heart and soul of Rounds products and innovation. With years of experience in product management, UI/UX and design, product definition, usability testing and research, growth hacking, app store optimization, social media and online marketing, Ilan leads the innovation at Rounds. Ilan has initiated, defined, designed and managed internet products on almost every platform available - websites, desktop applications, browsers extensions, Facebook apps, widgets and add-ons, mobile tablets and of course mobile applications. It’s a rarity for him to not be familiar with a new app, gadget or a trend that’s going on in the internet sphere and he is fluent with all internet technologies. Expert in everything related to product management, user experience and design and reaching consumers in the masses as well as opinion leaders. Previously, Ilan managed the affiliate’s retention department for 888 Holdings, co-founded the strategic web consulting practice KwaKwa alongside Dany Fishel and successfully managed projects for various innovative startups, including Aniboom and PLYmedia. In 2012, Ilan was selected in the prestigious "40 under 40" awards. Ilan holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Management from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Berry Ventura Lev superhero

    Berry Ventura Lev

    Senior Android Developer
    Berry is an experienced, multi-skilled software developer. She has 14+ years experience in a wide range of areas and positions, with Android development being her latest passion. In addition to having "fun-together-now" with the Android team at Rounds, Berry is Android Director of "She Codes;" - a community of female developers in Israel promoting women in software development. When not coding, Berry loves riding her bike, playing the piano and spending time with her family.
  • Kyungsoo Hong superhero

    Kyungsoo Hong

    Senior Advanced Media Developer
    Kyungsoo has over a decade of programming experience in mobile (Android, SHP, Tizen) and on Samsung Smart TV. Specialized in computer graphics (OpenGL), Kyungsoo, is also highly talented in mobile augmented reality. With his good communication skills, he likes working on teams and building meaningful products. In his free time, Kyungsoo likes spending time with his wife and three children.
  • Natasha Shine-Zirkel superhero

    Natasha Shine-Zirkel

    Natasha oversees Rounds’ marketing and business development efforts. Having been at Rounds since its launch, she has marketed across multiple platforms and channels and is a recognized expert in mobile marketing. In addition to building and maintaining relationships with investors and potential partners, Natasha is responsible for all aspects of Rounds online marketing and additionally takes an active part in developing the product alongside the product team. She launched an innovative internship program that has brought over 50 interns to work at Rounds from around the world. Previously, Natasha served as compliance coordinator at online payment solutions company SafeCharge. Prior to that, she was coordinator for the Zell Entrepreneurship Program, an acclaimed venture creation course for outstanding, undergraduate entrepreneurs, at IDC Herzliya. Born in London, raised in California and immigrated to Israel in 2005, Shine-Zirkel holds an associate’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in business management from Irvine Valley College in South Orange County, California and a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in finance from The IDC Herzliya in Israel. Natasha enjoys mentoring startups, giving lectures on mobile marketing, playing pool and poker and spending time with her husband and very cute son.
  • Yohay Barsky superhero

    Yohay Barsky

    Head of Mobile
    Yohay manages Rounds seven person mobile team. Managing both iOS and Android developers, Yohay is well versed in all things mobile. He is an out of the box thinker, with fast problem solving skills who knows how to simplify problems and relay business needs on a developmental level. Yohay is an entrepreneur at heart and previously co-founded SORTFIX, a startup which focused on enhancing search engine results matching in real time. With his 11 years of expertise, Yohay, is experienced in design and development of unique and complex interactive user Interfaces, on web and mobile platforms. Yohay earned a BSc in Physics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a MSc in Applied Physics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Lior Aviram superhero

    Lior Aviram

    Communications Engineer
    An innovative web developer and technology evangelist, living and breathing technology since the age of 7. Lior has over 11 years of experience in the hi-tech and technology industry of which 4 were focused on web development and UX/UI design. He started his professional career serving in an elite communications and software development unit in the Israeli Defense Forces where he acquired programming, management, and team leading skills. Above all, Lior is always sure to keep himself at the cutting-edge of his field.
  • Eran Ben Ari superhero

    Eran Ben Ari

    VP Products
    A strong believer in combining data driven decision making with user centered design, Eran is the core of the product team serving as Rounds VP Products. With a proven track record in leading B2C growth efforts for various companies, Eran's rare combination of exceptional Product management and operation skills, a strong analytic background with practical academic thinking of bringing technology, culture and human interaction together, he leads the interdisciplinary team with a data driven approach and a consumer first mindset. He previously served as VP Growth at Hola.org and as VP Product at Kampyle where he greatly increased both revenue and active users. Eran is about to complete his PhD at the Hebrew University’s School of Business, analyzing the cultural aspects of the global diffusion of Google Analytics. For fun, Eran enjoys reading social theory and spending time with his family.
  • Shay Baz superhero

    Shay Baz

    Android Developer
    Multifaceted software developer with a wide range of expertise including Android development, video editing, flash programming, graphic and UX design. Prior to joining Rounds, Shay worked at Motorola for nine years as a senior Java developer. He completed his degree in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University.
  • Ory Band superhero

    Ory Band

    Senior Backend Developer
    Full stack developer, guitar player, open source enthusiast, hacker, and Vim samurai. Ory served in the IDF technological unit, worked a couple of years in web development, and is now graduating from Ben-Gurion University with a Math & CS BSc. He is part of the Israeli Public Knowledge Workshop, and believes code (especially open-source) could be used for the common good.
  • Slava Borodovsky superhero

    Slava Borodovsky

    VP Data & Analytics
    Slava is a data scientist and business intelligence expert with a strong statistical background who leads the data driven approach at Rounds. He has more than 10 years of experience in advanced analytical projects, data management, building and scaling analytical teams in online companies. During the past six years Slava has led analytical teams in SweetIM and Fiverr.com, where he managed a team of 15 data analysts, marketing analysts, BI developers and data scientists. He earned a BA in Statistics from Haifa Univeristy and completed a M.Sc in Applied Statistics from Tel Aviv University with a thesis in the area of online controlled experiments (A/B tests). He loves to spend his free time hiking and fishing with his family.
  • Ravit Bar superhero

    Ravit Bar

    Android Developer
    Experienced Senior Web Engineer with vast experience from working in numerous companies. Prior to joining Rounds, she worked as a web developer for Walla, and as a front end developer for Wikibrains and Fiverr. Ravit graduated The College of Management (Hamichlala Leminhal) with a Bachelor in Computer Science.
  • Inna Belenkey superhero

    Inna Belenkey

    UX/I Designer
    Inna works closely with the product managers and engineers to ensure designs fully meets business requirements, exceed user standards and are faithfully implemented. She identifies main bottlenecks and friction points and provide a feasible design plan. She also conducts international user workshops (online surveys, focus groups, shadowing, usability testing), analyzes the results and presents their findings to the team team.
  • Vadim Gusis superhero

    Vadim Gusis

    Senior Advanced Media Developer
    Skilled Software Engineer with many years of experience including developing applications for the military, robotics, augmented reality, automotive and embedded device industries. Vadim was born in Ukraine and graduated Odessa University with a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc), and then studied at the Weizmann Institute. Vadim loves to study new ideas and is passionate about innovative technologies.
  • Schnitzel superhero


    Rounds Team Mascot
    An enthusiastic, playful and friendly employee, with 11 years of experience in her field. Proud and honored to be the official mascot of the Rounds Team. Throughout the year, Schnitzel has had the PAWleasure of chilling at the office and cheering on the staff members as they brainstorm new ideas to make Rounds the best Video Chat and Entertainment App out there. The best part of all is that she hears about all the new Rounds features before anyone else!
  • David Bolshoy superhero

    David Bolshoy

    System Architect
    An experienced technologist and internet entrepreneur. Ask him about scalable web applications, internet video technologies, p2p algorithms, internet advertising and much more. David holds a BSc. degree in computer engineering (Cum Laude) from the Technion, and an MBA from the Recanati Business School in Tel Aviv University.
  • Ido Goldberg superhero

    Ido Goldberg

    Product Manager
    Ido is a passionate Product Manager with a long history of excellence. He has eight years of product management experience ranging from high scale corporate products to scrappy startups working in companies such as Orange, Exent and Glasses Off. He attributes his unique view on products to his diverse education, completing a BsC in Brain Science from Bar Ilan University and a MsC in Business Administration, Marketing and Technology from The Hebrew University, all of which has given him a distinct insight on consumer psychology. Ido prides himself on his commitment to perfecting the customer’s experience and enjoys the adrenalin rush of mountain biking on his time off.
  • Moti David superhero

    Moti David

    Senior Data Engineer
    Experienced Senior Data Engineer with vast experience from working in numerous startup companies. Prior to working at Rounds, Moti was as a software engineer at Corrisight, and a database administrator (DBA) at Superderivatives. He served in the Israeli Intelligence Corps Unit 8200 of the IDF and received a bachelors degree in computer science From University of Manchester. In his spare time, Moti enjoys jogging, listening to music and reading.
  • Ofer Morag superhero

    Ofer Morag

    iOS Developer
    Skillful programmer familiar with various software systems including ERP Oracle Systems. Ofer’s prior experience includes working in the IT field and doing IT support at Bermad. He recently completed his degree in Computer Science from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo.
  • Elad Weizman superhero

    Elad Weizman

    Product Designer
    Talented product developer and graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in Photoshop and video editing. Prior to joining Rounds, Elad gained experience as a freelance designer working for Netcraft. When not sitting by his computer creating videos, Elad loves Photography, playing his guitar and cooking.
  • Natan Rolnik superhero

    Natan Rolnik

    iOS Developer
    After getting his first iPhone 3G in 2008, fell in love with the world of apps and design and wanted to program an app with his brother's Mac. Around a year later, after moving from Brazil to live in Israel with his wife, decided to give a try to his real passion and leave the degree in Pharmacy-Biochemistry aside. As someone who needs to talk daily with his family, Natan believes that software development is a way to solve real life problems, that solid, engaging and beautiful experiences are key to making an app standing out.
  • Avi Shevin superhero

    Avi Shevin

    Senior iOS Engineer
    Avi was born in Detroit, Michigan, where he spent his formative years teaching himself programming on as many different systems as he could find. Basically Apple IIs and IBM PCs. He is proficient with several languages, including Lua, Perl and BLISS32. He has a smattering of skill with Objective-C, and uses it to further his goal of World Domination -- One app at a time. He currently resides in Bet Shemesh with wife and daughter.
  • Avishy Leuchter superhero

    Avishy Leuchter

    QA Engineer
    An enthusiastic, passionate, out of the box thinker who has excellent interpersonal skills, Avishy, is a software quality assurance testing engineer - Responsible for creating an end-to-end test plan and managing all activities in the plan to ensure that all the objectives are met and that the solution works as expected. Ensuring that every phase and feature of the software solution is tested and that any potential issue is identified and fixed before the product goes live. Avishy Studied film and television at Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv. Loves, lives, and breaths sports!